Elastic Collisions

An elastic collision is kinetic energy from an object to another object and some of the energy is transferred, but not all.

Example: A bouncy ball hits a door and bounces off the door. The energy is not transferred into the door. Also a basketball bouncing on a gym floor, a bird flying into a window, and a fist against a locker.

This is Newton's cradle and is also a very good example of an inelastic collision.

Inelastic Collisions

An inelastic collision is a collision where kinetic energy is conserved.

Example: A bird flying into a tree. The energy is conserved into the tree. Also a car driving into a parked car and a car driving into a wall.

Works by moving object hitting stationary object.

Recoil Collisions

A recoil collision is when both objects are at rest and an explosion happens where both objects are sent backward.

Example: gun shots, rocket engines, and when a man is throwing a medicine ball while standing on a frozen lake.

This picture represents the other word for a recoil collision and that word is explosion!